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Proving very popular and something I'm particularly pleased with, the web tools site is not only a collection of some of the best free resources on the web for students and teachers (or, really, anyone for that matter!) but also includes an innovative facility to contribute via a wiki. Do have a look.


probably my favourite subject - recently taught Foundation Degree students and have covered this in units of the National Diploma in Computing courses.


I have been saying for a long time how important this is - and, at last, courses are beginning to appear which do not require you to invest hundreds of pounds in software or learn horrible-looking code. Anyone remember the early days of word processing, when you had to type [BB] to start bold text and something else to stop it? And you never knew quite how things would look until it was printed? Well, that was then. It's easy now - and so should web design be! Currently incorporating this into virtually any class I can!

Desk top.publishing

Microsoft Word, and its free alternatives like OpenOffice.org, coupled with excellent reasonably priced printers now make the production of really professional looking documents something you can achieve without spending a fortune or leaving home or the office. I teach this at all levels and regard the basics of good layout a fundamental skill which if employers are not demanding now they should (and soon will!)


Digital cameras are getting so cheap that the kids'll have one each soon. So what do you do with all the pictures? Turn them into miniature works of art, fix them, repair old photos of grandma too. And if you want that special picture of something or other where can you get it and what can you do with it? Great subject - could teach this all day. Huge pile of notes available here.

Office ICT.skills

I specialise in training people at all levels to use their computers efficiently and to perform a wide range of day-to-day business or home-office tasks better than the boss. Which brings me to another important topic . . .

Training.the bosses

Chairmen, MDs, Senior Partners and the like are often too busy to learn how to use the expensive chunks of hardware in their offices. More often than not, they're also embarrassed at the thought of going to a class where they may be sitting next to a junior! You need help - itcan be provided. In the privacy of your own office.


I can teach at all levels, including AAT courses, and led the validation of a new Foundation Degree in Business for overseas students.


As well as the underlying theory, I specialise in the incorporation of Information & Learning Technology in sessions and held the post of E-learning Co-ordinator with Learning & Skills Network from 2002 to 2007 supporting and funding projects at other colleges and the promotion of e-learning.


Continuing the good work started above and, if no LSN contracts materialise then I'll do it privately.


teaching what you want to learn


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