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Andrew Hill

I overheard someone describe me with that phrase many years ago and it seems to have stuck.



I had a good education and a successful career found me running my own consultancy firm in the early 1980s, primarily advising senior management on the intricacies of pension funds. Suits, smart offices, secretaries and a fondness for Switzerland may have had something to do with the respectable bit. Or maybe it was because I had, and still have, a tendency to open doors for ladies, get annoyed at people who throw litter in the street and paid more attention than most to grammar and spelling - what now seem terribly old-fashioned things.


My work brought me into close contact with many civil servants, and officials in large institutions where I was quite incapable of hiding my views on the amazing amount of unecessary form-filling, procedures created almost for the sake of creating procedures and the quite extraordinary effort that had to be made to get someone to do something that was slightly different to the way that they had been doing it for years before. It took a while, but eventually I began to realise that the people who drafted the regulations and documents that I was concerned with were not that much different to you and me in that they made mistakes from time to time. What was different was that no-one ever seemed to admit to it or do anything about it. That's when I got the rebel bit. I fought hard for what was fair and just for my clients and only filled in the bits on forms which I knew organisations didn't have already. I joined the Plain English campaign and actually made a pretty respectable living from translating jargon into something we can all understand without losing any of a document's specific legal intentions.


Computers first entered my life in 1980 in the form of a Dictaphone Dual Display system which used massive 8" floppy, very floppy, disks. I recall that the printer was so noisy we bought a clear perspex hood affair to put over it! Just one unit cost £11000. It was absolutely brilliant and in the early days I spent far more time working with it than any of the staff I had bought it for.An Amstrad PCW helped me produce some short stories and novels in the early 1990s until I began lecturing on the wonders of Windows in 1995.


Now, in the 21st Century, I have been lecturing in IT and Business & Management, and am a member of the Academic Board of Dunstable College where I am also their ILT Co-ordinator. Remarkably, I have also survived nearly five years part-time secondment to LSDA and now the Learning & Skills network (LSN) as an E-learning Co-ordinator trying to make sense of government initiatives too. I'm surrounded by PCs these days and probably addicted to my laptop! I work ridiculously long hours but I do thoroughly enjoy it. That's me. If you really want more then my CV is available at the link opposite.

Respectable Rebel


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24 August, 2007

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