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Andrew Hill

Listed below are some of the books and other bundles of words I've written, with links to extracts for most of them. Once represented by the Rosemary Bromley Literary Agency but now open to offers.

Somewhere in Switzerland

a true story of infatuation [extract]

The American Broker

a financial thriller in which ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. [extract]

A Poster For Her Wall

a short story about how two men's lives became inextricably entwined [extract]

Footsteps in the sand

For all the children in this world
Beneath the stars above
The book of life has just one page -
It starts,
And ends,
With love

[more poems]

You know what is coming

a short story for children

The Adventures of Arthur & Unwin

a series of short stories for children

I'm Good At Helping!

another series of short stories, still being added to, featuring Little Chick and Friendly Lion and pals

Lesson Plan and Scheme of Work.planning tool

Not exactly a story, really, but it took me ages to write this tool which creates a scheme of work for courses and automatic lesson plans from one single data entry sheet. Available here

ICT Skills.assessment tool

Again, not a book but a simple-to-use tool which will tell you what you're good at and what extra ICT training would be useful for teachers. Now being used across quite a few FE Colleges - I know that because some haven't changed the 'send results to' address so I'm getting them! See it here


Lots of fun with making graphs and charts more interesting and meaningful at this site


Where to find them and what to do with them - the 'imagine' site

Web design for normal people.notes

Getting started with Dreamweaver MX software, possibly one of the least intuitive but still ubiquitous in the world of web design. If you've got Dreamweaver 8, you'll still need help. Sorry. See the notes here.

ICT and e-learning.notes

The Studyzone contains links to a range of notes old and new.


Read me!


The American Broker another sample from the novel.

Q2 News ILT and E-learning thoughts

FAQICA ICT notes and things

Option Three An article about teacher qualifications

I am not a number . . . An experiment with tumblr

In The Village Rather odd views from my studio

Shed Monthly News from a dusty shelf

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3 August, 2009

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