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The AHI Machin* Catalogue

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Links and resources

There are lots of dealers and catalogue publishers out there. Once upon a time all we needed was the Stanley Gibbons catalogue in one or other edition but buying their catalogues to keep up to date is expensive and even then the data will be lacking recent issues.

I am really disappointed with many of the web sites run by dealers which can be difficult to navigate or seem either over-complex or just a collection of annoying Ebay links these days.

Two firms really do stand out, though: B Alan Stamps and their Machin Catalogue for Connoisseurs and Mr Robin Harris and they have provided the backbone to much of my research.

For the ultimate resource buy His Master’s Voice: The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook - 4th Edition which is only available on DVD but easily navigable.

A new site that is clean and easy to navigate is Collect GB Stamps. The descriptions do read like Bulletin extracts but the facts and good images are useful. For detailed updates, Norvic’s blog is worth reading too.

For simple news and updates then the good old British Philatelic Bulletin, published by what I still call the British Philatelic Bureau: Royal Mail Tallents House, is a well-designed and informative monthly booklet costing just a £1 or so a month. I gave up trying to find a link to it on the Royal Mail site.

B Alan Stamps

Robin Harris

Deegam Handbbok

Collect GB Stamps

Norvic Philatelics

Royal Mail