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The AHI Machin* Catalogue

Published and designed by Andrew Hill International, Astcote, Towcester NN12 8NW, UK design@andrewx.com 01327 831594

This is the Andrew Hill International catalogue of Great Britain's Machin* definitive postage stamps. I have tried to produce a listing which includes all the issues which have been officially recognised by  the British Post Office since 1967 and which features all the changes which produce items which can be reasonably readily identified as different.

This distinction is important, and distinguishes the AHI catalogue from others that you may encounter. Collectors strive to create and maintain a collection that is complete. The definition of what is complete varies from individual to individual and if you were to try and make  your collection complete by referring to some dealers' listings then you would  need thousands of stamps. That is because they include differences that can be  extremely difficult to detect such as the perforation equipment used or the  brightness of phosphor coating when viewed under an ultra-violet lamp. Others will include items which have only happened as a result of error in production - misplaced phosphor bands, printing on the gummed side etc. I came to the  conclusion that it would be quite impossible ever to regard a collection of even a small section of these issues by those criteria. Many of the gaps that my own  collection would have had would have also been extremely costly to  fill.

On the other hand, you will find listings which  contain serious omissions, not recognising, for instance the very clear difference between the wide and narrow value tablets or quite deliberate changes  of colour. Apart from their general inadequacy anyone going by such brief lists  may well discard what they believe to be a duplicate item which could be a particularly valuable stamp. Worse, some unscrupulous dealer may acquire it from them at a bargain price and then make a huge profit. I guess that may be life  but maybe it's something my efforts here will help some of you to  avoid.

So, somewhere in between, is my listing. The experts out there will have already realised that I have only produced the decimal list of small size Machins so far. The rest will follow as soon as I  can. If you are looking for any information on the other groups in the meantime  please contact me and remember that the most recent news will be on my Machin web log, accessible under news.

What's included: see the pages listed when you hover over the Introduction link; these are the headings used in the listings. More information is provided for each one.

* well, mostly Machin! The new stuff's interesting too.