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The AHI Machin* Catalogue

Published and designed by Andrew Hill International, Astcote, Towcester NN12 8NW, UK design@andrewx.com 01327 831594

Horizon labels

Type 1 DLR 2009

Type 3 Walsall 2012

Type 2a DLR 2011

Type 2 with code DLR 2011

Type 2 DLR 2010

Type 1 with code DLR 2011

The big gold Horizon label appeared in June 2009. Post Office print them individually and affix them so they are not available ‘mint’ nor need postmarks.

The variations are font (thick or thin), code (yes or no), date style (// or - -), slits (all round or l+r) and DLR or Walsall printed. See the new list.