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The AHI Machin* Catalogue

Published and designed by Andrew Hill International, Astcote, Towcester NN12 8NW, UK design@andrewx.com 01327 831594

Regional Machin issues

In the £sd days we had Jersey and Guernsey with separate issues too. With the advent of decimilisation, they decided to make lots of money by doing their own thing which left us with Isle of Man, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with Machin definitives in July 1971.

The Isle of Man then followed the Channel Islands with vast multi-coloured and numerous issues so their list has just six entries.

The others stayed the course until 1999 with plenty in their issues to interest collectors, notably the Scottish 31p purple with a rare version of the lion being available for a very limited time.

You can access all four lists from the side menu and then using the tabs at the foot of the sheets displayed.

Their subsequent definitives are still small format but with emblems across the stamp and listed separately.