Project Methodology

Introduction to the module

This module provides the necessary underpinning skills to complete the semester 2 Work Based Group Project module. The module will assist students to select suitable projects which will be negotiated with businesses and the college. Students will be expected to meet the challenge of group working and manage their projects in association with tutors and work place mentors.


The aim of this module is to help students to develop the underpinning skills and methodologies to enable them to deliver an IT project within a workplace setting. The objectives for this module are:

  1. to provide report writing skills that are associated with the workplace
  2. to learn and apply group co-operation and methodological skills to initiate successfully a work-based group project
  3. to introduce students to concepts of managing projects in conjunction with an employer
  4. to learn team building and inter-personal skills that would normally be expected of an employee in the workplace.