WBL Project

Introduction to the module

It is a requirement of any computing professional's job to have the ability to function as part of an effective team, to work with businesses to successfully complete projects. This module builds on the work-based project methodology module (delivered in semester 1) in order to deliver a project through work-based learning. It provides the opportunity for students to develop and practice their skills within the context of the real workplace. During this module students will extend the work carried out in the WBL project methodology module and will continue to work closely with the employer.


The aim of this module is to deliver a specific IT project for an external employer. The objectives for this module are:

  1. to integrate and use the skill and knowledge developed in the Project Methodology module
  2. to encourage creative and independent thought
  3. to apply problem solving and communication skills in a real workplace
  4. to analyse information, investigate feasibility and develop an IT solution with a workplace context
  5. to work effectively as part of a group