Introduction to Web Design

Introduction to the module

Organisations today use the world wide web as one of their main marketing tools, for the communication of their purpose and development and a wide range of types of information. Their web sites must meet both organisation and user needs as well as comply with legislation. This module introduces students to the principles of good corporate design, how they can be effectively applied to web sites, the limitations and opportunities provided by existing and emerging technologies and how applications can be utilised to manage text, graphics and layout and management of files to create and maintain suitable structures.


The aim of this module is provide students with the design and application skills and understanding of the structure of a web site necessary to determine, interpret and meet the requirements of a range of organisations that a web site might fulfil.

  1. to understand the principles of good web page and site design
  2. to be able to create web pages to given specification and in a given timescale
  3. to interpret and comply with legal requirements for web sites as they effect a range of organisations with different activities, including product marketing, financial transactions and information management
  4. to incorporate effectively supplied images and original graphic content to incorporate accurately textual content provided using appropriate styles and format
  5. to test the appearance and function of pages and content across a range of currently commonly encountered browser applications and display hardware
  6. to evaluate completed sites and identify in detail problems encountered and appropriate solutions
  7. to be able to manage and develop a web site, including procedures for uploading files, understanding a range of hosting options available and ensuring that security of content is maintained
  8. to understand current trends in web site design and technology and to be able to interpret these to provide contemporary advice to organisations