WBL Project

Assessment criteria

Listed below are the learning outcomes for this module and their components

1 To operate effectively within a group environment and successfully implement the project process

1.1 student can assess individual roles within a group

1.2 student can measure the efficacy of group working

2 To produce documentation to the professional standard that would be expected in a working environment

2.1 student can monitor and evaluate the reporting process

2.2 student can deliver a high quality report

3 To deliver a presentation (C3.3) and understand its effectiveness as a communication tool

3.1 student can demonstrate and review presentation skills

3.2 student can co-ordinate activities and appraise the group

4 To demonstrate 'group work' by co-operating in the production of group documentation

4.1 student can contribute effectively as a group member

4.2 student can produce effective group documentation

5 To identify and negotiate a suitable project for the work based group project module

5.1 student can propose a work-based project

5.2 student can negotiate details of the project with an employer and the tutor

6 To apply basic project management techniques and assess their application

6.1 student can agree and examine project deliverables

6.2 student can generate diagrams professionally