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There is now a new on-line version which I am developing for an MA project I'm doing with Middlesex University! It's being trialled now and can be used by individuals or institutions - all data is stored securely in Google Docs. I still have to automate feedback so that you can see the results on-line but I can produce benchmark comparisons and a report with analysis and recommendations on request in the meantime.

Please feel free to try it out. It can also be adapted to suit a particular institution's requirements or I can advise how to run something similar for your own use without needing my interaction.

The new link is here.

The old versions and intro remain below too.

I have created a spreadsheet which can be completed by staff on a desktop and which provides some instant feedback as to what training they may need. This is still being developed but the latest draft is available for download or use on-line.
It's a 2MB file (I got rid of the macro in version 1! but it's still a bit big). Please try it out, if only so that I can fix any mistakes! I'm hoping someone will convert this to something smarter using PHP code or whatever - but this is the best I can manage. Hope you find it useful and maybe it will give you some ideas - or even some actual responses!
Old Staff ICT Skills Assessment tool download (Excel file) Get the file here
Old Staff ICT Skills Assessment (Word version) Word version for printing