This catalogue of interesting web tools and free software is a development of a site used to entertain and inspire visitors to an e-learning fair in early July 2006. We're now in the fifth version and can include, at last, examples of the applications in action for quite a few entries. We need your feedback, though, and you can either just e-mail us or why not try using some of the tools? We've built a wiki page for almost every tool (phew!) where you can say what you like, when you like.

We welcome suggestions for additions and no doubt some entries may turn out to be inappropriate or just not very good - so regard this as a place to pop into from time to time rather than a definitive guide.


We still need more examples of tools in action and would be keen to have links to how you have found any utilised to good effect.

We hope to encourage you to think more about what the web can offer for a particular task or idea, rather than thinking that everything must revolve around the PC you're using.

It may be the case that your college blocks access to one of the sites, in which case you would need to ask whether access could be granted 'for educational purposes'!

Hope you find something useful - don't forget to try out the wiki and there's a free rating tool here too to give us a quick view of how things are going!

Information and links by Andrew Hill and Tim Rawe. Ideas by you.