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An elegant and very flexible way to organise your online world. It is basically like a ‘home page’ onto which you can add content modules to allow you to interface directly from that page to your preferred services like Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Delicious,, Writely, etc. You can also use it to bring together RSS feeds (e.g. BBC news, Moodle news etc.), display photos and so on. The recent addition of creating tabs extends its power and, like Pageflakes, is developing rapidly.





Organise your online world with this service that lets you compose a ‘home page’ with multiple elements that can link to other web services (e.g. Flickr photos, news feeds, information sources and so on. Pageflakes now includes the facility to publish pages - a major recent advance.


An online image editor (not Photoshop, but free!). You upload your images and edit using a pretty good collection of tools (rotate, resize, crop, convert to sepia, negate colours, adjust colours, remove noise, sharpen and other special effects).

Dfilm and StripCreator

Dfilm is a fascinating tool to create movies online using Flash components. Simplistic in many respects but could prove useful (and would give students some fun creating!). The end result of your movie is emailed to you. Strip Creator allows you to create comic books, and again is a lot of fun to use and may appeal as another way to present some information. and



Create diagrams in your web browser without downloading additional software. Similar to Visio but simply there, wherever you are. Add collaborators to your work and watch it grow, link to published Gliffy drawings from your blog or wiki. Create many types of diagrams: flowcharts, UI wireframes, floor plans, network diagrams etc. Google Sketchup was to be featured here too but is now only available free for a limited trial. Shame, it is quite brilliant!


Protopage and SiteKreator

Here's another really simple web page creator - ideal for notes and images, drag what you want around the page, name it and it's there for all to see.

SiteKreator is a real site creation tool but dead easy to use with excellent templates to choose from and, again, all you need do is type and name your pages and links.

  information and links by Andrew Hill and Tim Rawe. Ideas by you.